'Dragon Ball Super' spoilers: Episode 29 begins inter-universe tournament


After the Resurrection F saga of “Dragon Ball Super” ended last week, the episode last Sunday began with a new arc where gods of destruction and brothers Beerus and Champa will fight in an inter-universe tournament.

In episode 28, titled “Entry Stage! The God of Destruction Champa!” the story jumped a few months after Frieza was defeated. As Goku and Vegeta were training in the planet of Beerus with Whis, a huge explosion occurred and disturbed the slumber of Beerus.

Initially, the god of destruction thought that it was the two saiyans causing trouble, so he aimed an attack on them. However, he soon learned that it was his twin brother Champa, along with his servant Vados, the sister of Whis, who were wreaking havoc.

Champa, who came from Universe 6, is interested in the delectable food found on Earth. He is challenging Beerus and his team for an inter-universe tournament, offering the six Super Dragon Balls, which is said to be more powerful than the Namek Dragon Balls, that he had collected so far, as stakes should he lose. However, if Champa wins, they will have to surrender planet Earth and its delicious food to him.

Titled “Towards an Inter-Universe Combat Era,” episode 29 will begin the fight of the two gods of destruction. In the promotional trailer, fans will get a glimpse of the new faces who will fight in the upcoming bout.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, Beerus picked Goku, Vegeta, Majin Boo, Piccolo, and a mystery fighter for his team. On the other hand, Champa’s fighters include a fighter who looks like Ginyu named Hito, a saiyan-looking warrior called Kyabe, a character that has resemblance with Frieza named Frost, a bear-looking character called Botamo, and a robot-like fighter named Magnetta.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 29 will air on Jan. 31.