'Dragon Ball Super' spoilers: new arc commences with Episode 28; fans can look forward to Beerus-Champa fight


The episode on Sunday concluded the “Resurrection F” saga of “Dragon Ball Super.” A new arc in the manga will begin, called the Champa Arc.

Back in episode 27, Vegeta mercilessly beat Frieza in his legendary super saiyan form. However, as with the movie, Frieza attempted to cause final damage by using his remaining strength to destroy Earth. The fighters, along with the spectators, were unaware as the explosion happened suddenly. After which, Whis presented his capability to turn back time in order to tweak the circumstances. With their second chance, Goku kills Frieza with his signature attack.

In the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” titled “Champa! The God of Destruction of the Sixth Universe,” fans will see Beerus go against Champa in an inter-universe tournament. The new character is another god of destruction from another universe and similar to Beerus, Champa will also have a powerful assistant named Zuno.

In its manga version, Champa and Beerus are twins and their bout’s main intent is to settle who among the two is the stronger god of destruction. They will face off in an inter-universe fight, along with their recruited warriors.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, the fighters for Beerus will include Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Buu. On the other hand, Champa’s fighters are Hito, a fighter that looks like Ginyu; Kyabe, a saiyan-looking warrior; Frost, the character that looks very similar to Frieza; Botamo, a bear-looking fighter; and Magnetta, a robot.

As for the stakes, Champa needs to give all except one Super Dragon Ball to Beerus if the latter wins, said Design & Trend. On the other hand, Beerus will have to surrender planet Earth to Champa, along with the delicious food that he fancies, should their team lose.

Episode 28 of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on Jan. 24.