'Dragon Ball Super' episode 39 spoilers: Battle to end, Goku steps in


The battle between universe 6 and universe 7 is about to end in the next two episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.”

In episode 38 of the show, Vegeta fought with Champa’s final card, his strongest fighter named Hit. However, the warrior has a unique attack that somehow hits vital and painful points such as Vegeta’s kidneys and collarbone that weakened him even in his blue saiyan form. Add to the fact that the saiyan prince already fought with three of Champa’s contenders earlier, it will not be a surprise if he gets defeated.

In the upcoming episode, Vegeta will taste more attacks from Hit, but Goku will not let it slip as he will analyze the attacks of the opponent.

The summary posted on Design & Trend reads, “Vegeta squares off against Hit using his super saiyan blue form, but Hit uses his ‘Time-Skip’ technique to repeatedly attack Vegeta where it hurts, knocking him out cold. Trying to figure out the trick behind Hit’s ‘Time-skip,’ Son Goku likewise challenges him in his super saiyan blue form.”

Meanwhile, episode 40 is expected to wrap up the fight, with Goku and Hit in the battle. In the synopsis indicated on the same news portal, it hints that Goku will defeat Champa’s warrior as the latter will be furious and will attempt to attack his own fighters. However, someone will step in. Will it be his brother Beerus?

The summary reads, “The tournament against universe 6 for the fate of the earth has finally come to a close. Furious at Hit and his teammates for losing, Champa tries to destroy them. As Cabba and others is Frozen in terror, someone enters the ring…”

Episode 39 of “Dragon Ball Super” is expected to air on April 17, while episode 40 titled “The Conclusion,” will air the following week.