'Dragon Ball Super' episode 47 spoilers: 'Future Trunks Arc' preview


“Dragon Ball” fans can now see Future Trunks’ return to action ahead of the 47th episode of the ongoing “Dragon Ball Super” anime series which will release on Sunday, June 12.

Toei Animation streamed a promotional video for the upcoming “Future Trunks Arc” on the official Toei Animation channel on YouTube. The preview showcased what might come next for Goku and the other Z Fighters when the future version of Vegeta’s son Trunks returns once again.

The video featured a short snippet of the arc, showing Trunks facing off against an obscured force while living with the future versions of his mother Bulma and possible girlfriend Mai. The older Bulma was shown working on something, presumably a device related to time travel, which will allow Future Trunks to reach out to Goku and the others in the past, who were shown whimsically indulging in what seemed like a race to harvest vegetables.

Taking place after the recently resolved “God of Destruction Champa Arc,” the upcoming “Future Trunks Arc” will begin this Sunday with episode 47 of “Dragon Ball Super” which is titled “SOS From the Future! A New Black Enemy Reveals Himself!”

The arc’s storyline will feature Future Trunks facing off against a new enemy called “Black.” The episode will presumably feature how Trunks will once again return to the past after struggling to survive for half a year against the new enemy.

Hailing from a timeline free of the Androids’ domination, which came about after he previously visited the past to ask for Goku’s help in defeating them, Future Trunks will embark on another, possibly permanent, journey to the past after this unknown enemy has decimated the rest of the Earth. Future Trunks’ return to his own timeline is uncertain, as Bulma will only be able to scrounge up enough fuel for the time machine to work only once by the time “Black” returns for them.

Though some promotional materials try to maintain the mystery behind the arc’s new enemy, series creator Akira Toriyama has previously teased that the new enemy will actually be called “Goku Black” which provides some interesting possibilities in terms of his connection to Goku himself.

Catch the beginning of the “Future Trunks Arc” of “Dragon Ball Super” when episode 47 airs this Sunday, June 12, in Japan.