'Dragon Ball Super' manga series rumor: Goku to battle Hit in chapter 10?


Will Hit be the next villain in the next installment of “Dragon Ball Super?” If the poster for the upcoming chapter of the hit manga series is to be the basis, the likely answer is yes.

To some fans of “Dragon Ball Super” who have no idea who Hit is, he might be a war criminal who got arrested in Universe 6. He was eventually recruited by Champa to fight for their team, promising his release if their squad wins the tournament against Universe 7. 

Design and Trend opines that the promotional poster for “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 10 is a major hint as to who Goku will take on in the next chapter of the manga series. It notes that, as seen on the poster, Hit and Goku are equally prominent. It is common knowledge that Goku always gets the bigger share of any “Dragon Ball Super” poster, usually sharing the spotlight with his opponent for the said chapter. As the upper part of the latest poster shows Goku in front of his team, the lower part of it displays Hit ahead of Champa’s team. It is very likely that “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 10 will showcase a battle between the two.

On the other hand, Bitbag cites a YouTube video that alleges there is a possibility for the tournament in the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” to feature an everybody-against-Hit battle. Additionally, the website says that the Super Dragon Balls are at stake in the event that Universe 6 wins the tournament.

If ever the speculations on who Goku will take on in the next chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” are correct, apparently, they are not the only thing that avid readers of “Dragon Ball Super” should look forward to. Design and Trend alleges that the upcoming chapter of the manga series will likewise reveal that Frost is not as powerful as he appears be. 

Although the tournament between Team Universe 6 and Team Universe 7 of Goku will kick off in a relaxed manner, it will eventually intensify to a certain level. It is believed that the excitement to the game will happen due to Hit himself, and he and the rest of Universe 6 will eventually turn out to be the manga series’ next villains in “Dragon Ball Super,” believes Design and Trend.

These speculations, however, are just speculations from hardcore fans of the manga series. Only time will tell if there is any veracity to them.