'Dragon Ball Super' episodes 71 and 72 spoilers: Will Hit be able to kill Goku?


The upcoming episodes of the hit anime series “Dragon Ball Super, episodes 71 and 72, are suggested to highlight the battle between Goku and Hit. There are speculations that Goku will finally be defeated by the Assassin, but fans are questioning whether or not it is possible for him to do so.

According to News Everyday, the title of episode 71 is “Goku Dies! An Assassination Order That Must Be Performed,” which gave rise to the rumors. However, based on the spoilers, it is highly possible for Goku to survive the upcoming episode. It does not say the same for the episode after that, though, as the Super Saiyan might actually die in episode 72.

The 72nd episode is entitled as “Counter-attack? An Invisible Assassination Skill,” and it hints that there is a possibility that their fight will continue to the Assassin’s favor. If it turns out that Goku is killed, the Assassin will then be able to fulfill his mission.

The official synopsis for episode 71 is that an unknown enemy employed Hit to kill Goku and that the latter has no idea that Hit is the assassin after him. It still remains to be seen, however, if the team will figure out the people behind the assassination order.

Meanwhile, Game N Guide reports that once Goku’s death becomes a reality, Gohan will replace his father in the fight, unlocking the power within him that can very well surpass his father’s. Regardless, episodes 71 and 72 for “Dragon Ball Super” might kill Goku in the process.

Fans are still hoping that it will not happen, but with Shenron and the Dragon Balls around, it is possible that Goku will be revived. After all, the Dragon was known for his ability to grant wishes, and thus, the main character’s death may be reversed.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 71 will air on Dec. 18, while episode 72 will air on Dec. 25.