'Dragon Ball Super' episodes 71 and 72 spoilers: Goku to return back to life after Hit's assassination technique fails?


Certainly, the upcoming episode 71 of “Dragon Ball Super” is hyped up, since it is possible that the current arc will start getting more serious. After all, episode 70 was the last of the filler episodes, and fans want to know what will happen to Goku.

According to Game N Guide, episode 71 revealed Goku’s main opponent, the assassin Hit, and it was shown how dangerous he can be. After all, he is the “Strongest Assassin in Universe 7,” and that says something about his power level compared to the other villains Goku faced thus far.

Furthermore, the same article reports that it was actually revealed that Goku and Hit had a previous match in the past. The first time they fought, the Saiyan was able to defeat him without any problems, but it seems that the assassin’s skills have vastly improved to such levels that it is now possible for him to defeat the overpowered Goku.

Additionally, it seems that Goku’s primary difficulty while facing off against the assassin is his inability to sense Hit’s presence. It can be seen in the trailer of episode 71, where Goku cannot even detect the super assassin through any means, despite the fact that Hit was standing just behind his back.

Yibada reports that the upcoming episode 72 will feature the second half of the fight between Hit and Goku, with the latter taking a direct hit from the former. As such, it begs the question as to whether or not Goku will die.

Actually, the report even says that Goku will die because of the assassin’s invisible shockwave attack, but due to ki blast he fired before dying, he is brought back to life. Now, if this proves to be the truth, Goku’s counterattack will begin, and the person who hired Hit may finally be revealed.