'Dragon Ball Super' episode 67 spoilers: Future Trunks will not die, to help with battle against Merged Zamasu


Viewers may be delighted to find out that Trunks will not meet his demise in the upcoming episode 67 of “Dragon Ball Super” as he has a significant role in the battle against the merged villain.

It can be recalled that in the previous installment, Vegito used an attack that was not seen for many years the Kamehameha wave. The move allowed Goku to utilize his powers and inflict severe damage to Merged Zamasu. After the wave, Goku even continued with his attack using physical blows such as punches and kicks, specifically the Kaio-ken technique.

Although it appeared to be effective in knocking out the antagonist, Goku also passed out due to exhaustion. Gowasu then suggested that in order to gain the upper hand, they must be more powerful than the opponent. Goku borrowed a Potara earring which forced Vegeta to fuse with him.

According to reports, the Weekly Sh?nen Jump preview of episode 67 which is titled “Fill Your Heart with New Hope!! Farewell, Trunks” has allegedly been leaked. The synopsis reads, “Will they be able to protect the future?! The final battle with Zamasu! Powered by the hopes of humanity, Trunks strikes back at Zamasu! But while Zamasu was supposed to be defeated he instead loses his physical body, and begins spreading out and covering the sky!!”

Moreover, as their enemy has disintegrated into many pieces and lost his physical body, Goku and the rest of the heroes are once more looking for a way to win the battle. When all hope seems lost, Goku finds something in his pocket. However, it remains to be seen what item he will find.

In related news, Toei Animation finally has reached an agreement with FUNimation Entertainment in producing digital versions of the anime meant for streaming, download, video distribution and broadcast. An English-dubbed version of the anime has apparently been released both in the United States and Canada.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 67 is slated to be aired on Nov. 20.