'Dragon Ball Super' episode 63 spoilers: Goku and Vegeta to come up with plan to defeat Black Goku and Zamasu


Episode 63 of the popular Japanese anime television series, “Dragon Ball Super” is set to air on Oct. 23, and several news outlets and publications have come up with theories and speculations as to what the episode could be all about. Also, there seems to be quite a close connection between the upcoming episode and that of the next, episode 64.

Accordingly, Chatt Sports Net said that episode 63 will be featuring a life-saving mission by Goku and Vegeta, as they try to get Future Trunks out of Goku Black’s hands. To recall, the past couple of episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” have in one way or another dealt or showcased the havoc and evilness of Black Goku and Zamasu. Goku, together with his allies, seems to have a pretty difficult time dealing with both villains.

Considering the fact that Goku and his team have literally failed to go up against Black Goku and the remarkable strength of Zamasu, they may have a difficult time preventing the villains’ “Zero Human Plan.”

Titled “Don’t Defy the Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta’s Intense Battle,” episode 63 is rumored to showcase Goku and Vegeta’s ingenious plan, whatever that may be, and with only one thing in mind to return to the battlefield, but this time with the hope of winning the battle. There also could be the entry of another character, Piccolo, who might very well be the crucial element for carrying out a successful battle plan. To be more specific, Piccolo will be suggesting the use of the Evil Containment Wave in order to trap both demons in a container where it will be impossible for them to get out.

After the airing of “Dragon Ball Super” episode 63 on Oct. 23, episode 64 follows a week later on Oct. 30. The animated series airs Sundays at 9 a.m. JST on FujiTV.