'Dragon Ball Super' episode 60 spoilers: will Black Goku's identity finally be disclosed?


Episode 60 of the popular Japanese anime television series, “Dragon Ball Super” is just around the corner and fans can’t wait to see the one and only thing that’s been afflicting this show for several episodes now the identity of Black Goku. Good news is that rumors are saying that this next episode will be the avenue for that particular revelation.

Enstarz noted that in the previous episode, the present version of Zamasu was easily defeated by Lord Beerus, who also happens to be the God of Destruction, leading to the belief that he no longer is a threat in the future. However, this belief is most likely going to be negated in episode 60 as speculations claim that Zamasu and Black Goku are seen in a future that’s overshadowed by utter destruction. Hence, a great battle between the show’s heroes and some fierce villains is to be expected.

But it can also be recalled that this isn’t really the first time an episode has teased about revealing Black Goku’s true persona. There is a great possibility that instead of disclosing Black Goku’s identity, this upcoming episode will simply be about Zamasu being introduced as the primary villain from here on out.

Meanwhile, another report is saying that episode 60 will be featuring Vegeta, who will turn out to be a character that can muster stronger powers than Son Goku himself. The report added that Vegeta will likely transform before Goku, which by the way, is something that’s expected in the hope of carrying out vengeance against Black Goku. To recall, Black Goku did kill Bulma, Vegeta’s future wife, not to mention the fact that he himself was almost killed by the villain. In order to get the chance of defeating his nemesis, he would need to transform himself into a more powerful being, probably a specific type of Super Saiyan.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 60 is set to air on Oct. 2.