'Dragon Ball Super' episode 60 spoilers, news: Vegeta to become stronger than Goku?


Rumors have it that the upcoming episode 60 of hit anime series “Dragon Ball Super” may see Vegeta transforming to another level ahead of Son Goku.

According to reports, what will prompt this upgrade is the apparent death of his future wife Bulma by the touted villain Black Goku. He is also said to experience being beaten severely by the antagonist during their face-off. If it comes to fruition, it is believed that he may transform into a Super Saiyan Rose or even Super Saiyan White to take his revenge on the opponent. This allegedly could make him stronger than he has ever been.

Elsewhere, the installment may also see the death of Gowasu in the hands of his apprentice Zamasu. Even though Goku and Vegeta will make their way to Universe 10, the protagonists may be a little too late to stop the incident from happening.

The demise of the Supreme Kai will lead the God of Destruction, Beerus, to step up. He will purportedly kill the apprentice in order to secure the safety of the future. However, Future Trunks will still be apprehensive of the outcome of their situation. He is deemed to return to future to make sure that things are in order as a result of Zamasu’s death.

However, since there is no official synopsis or preview yet, available information should be taken with a grain of salt. Episode 60 is slated to air on Oct. 2.

As fans wait, they can first tune into episode 59 titled “Protect Kaioshin Gowasu, Destroy Zamasu!” which had been delayed allegedly due to Fuji TV’s coverage of the 40th anniversary of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Speculations suggest that the episode will showcase the epic battle between Gowasu and Zamasu. The former is predicted to die as viewers have pointed out that in episode 58 Goku saw the latter sporting a pair of Potara earrings which only Kaioshins can wear.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 59 was supposed to hit the small screen on Sept. 18 but was moved to Sept. 25.