'Dragon Ball Super' episode 59 spoilers, plot: Zamasu to kill Gowasu? New Super Saiyan form for protagonists to be showcased


Predictions suggest that the upcoming episode 59 of hit anime series “Dragon Ball Super” may see Gowasu being killed by his own apprentice, Zamasu.

According to reports, the new installment titled “Protect Kaioshin Gowasu, Destroy Zamasu!” will feature Vegeta, Trunks and Son Goku finding out a surprising truth about the villain.

The trailer reveals that Goku thinks Zamasu will kill his master and they must stop him. However, Beerus is skeptical and suggests that they should have more evidence backing up their claims. The clip starts with Gowasu being served tea and food by Zamasu and he is curious about the white snacks. Afterwards, he can be seen dropping the glass of what appears to be green tea, presumably poisoned by Zamasu.

The synopsis of the episode reads, “Since the future Zamasu has on a pair of Potara, which only Kaioshin are qualified to wear, Goku and company figure that the Universe 10 Kaioshin Gowasu’s life is in jeopardy. They immediately head for Universe 10.”

Meanwhile, as the protagonists face the joint threat posed by Black Goku and Zamasu, rumors have it that the series will feature another Super Saiyan form down the line. Since the powers of both antagonists are great, the Z fighters are assumed to have transformations that can counter them.

In order to achieve the aforementioned feat, they are said to train under Whis. It can be recalled that the latter has been honed by the God of Destruction himself. Although it might seem surprising to fans, Whis showcased that he has been opened to training the heroes. He even provided some guides for Son Goku and Vegeta to attain greater abilities in the previous arcs.

However, since there is no official statement yet from the creators, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Episode 59 of “Dragon Ball Super” is expected to arrive in the following weeks.