'Dragon Ball Super' episode 58 spoilers: Black Goku to be defeated by Omni King?


Rumors have it that the upcoming episode 58 of hit anime series “Dragon Ball Super” will see the impending death of the villain, Black Goku.

It can be recalled that back in the previous installment, Son Goku and Future Trunks were left to face the antagonist when Vegeta was ousted. However, despite the combined efforts of the good guys, Black Goku, alongside Zamasu, proved that they were indestructible. With the heroes defeated, they returned to their current timeline in order to regroup.

In the upcoming episode reportedly titled “Zamasu and Black: Their Mystery Deepens,” it is deemed that Zamasu will confront Omni King, and he is possibly ready to defeat him. It is predicted that the God of Everything could also destroy Black Goku.

Readers may remember Beerus and Whis previously noting that he has a low tolerance with those who mess with something sacred as time. Since Black Goku has been tampering with time repeatedly, Omni King may be able to finish him.

Moreover, Zamasu will apparently attempt to gather all the Dragon Balls in order to find out how Black Goku was able to gain so much power and defeat Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form easily. A flashback may feature the first time he met up with the fellow villain and how they plotted to triumph over Goku.

The narrative will also allegedly center on the history of the Supreme Kai apprentice of Universe 10 and his interest over Son Goku’s Ki. His fascination is said to have prompted him in becoming an evil version of himself who is determined to annihilate the world.

Elsewhere, Whis and Beerus will appear in the future, equipped with the knowledge they got from traveling in the past. It is expected that whatever information they have will help Goku and the rest of the gang in gaining the upper hand when they fight Zamasu and Black Goku again.

The reports provided should be taken with a grain of salt. Episode 58 of “Dragon Ball Super” is slated to air on Sept. 11 on Fuji TV.