'Dragon Ball Super' episode 53 spoilers: more about Goku Black to be revealed


Episode 53 of “Dragon Ball Super” may offer fans new information regarding the background of the new main antagonist, Goku Black. Another battle is also expected to ensue with main hero, Son Goku. There are also rumors suggesting that the anime series might go on a hiatus after the Future Trunks Arc.

Clues from the past episode suggest that Goku Black’s history may be finally unveiled in the upcoming episode. At this time, there’s still so much mystery surrounding the villain. Based on the preview, the new episode will also feature Goku battling Zamasu, the Supreme Kai apprentice from Universe 10. Beerus and Whis will serve as witnesses to the battle while giving an analysis of battle’s strengths at the same time.

In the previously aired episode 52, Future Trunks was able to meet Gohan and was shocked that the Gohan he knows in the future is different from the one in the current timeline. It was also shown that Present Trunks is starting to show signs of having feelings for Present Mai. This is because Present Trunks was a bit jealous of how Future Trunks and Present Mai interacted with each other.

There are also speculations that the show may go on a break for a while once the Future Trunks Arc is over. The show has been facing issues before that the quality of the animation has decreased compared to the “Dragon Ball Z” series. The manga creator, Akira Toriyama, expressed his disappointment as well. He mentioned that the industry was changing and the production time for an episode has decreased. With this, the quality of the animation is being affected as well. He also mentioned that there is not even much time anymore for him to fully check the episode that will be released.

However, this speculation will only be confirmed once the Future Trunks Arc is finally finished.