'Dragon Ball Super' episode 37, 38 spoilers: Vegeta turns into super saiyan god; episode 38 previews Champa's strongest warrior


Vegeta continues to conquer the arena for Beerus’ team after defeating two of the fighters from Champa’s team in “Dragon Ball Super” previously. In the upcoming episode, he will face another saiyan named Cabba.

In episode 36 of the anime, Magetta seemed to be initially unaffected by the attacks. The episode also showed some changes in the rules, which already included some “out of bounds” loss, making it more difficult for Vegeta to strategize. Nonetheless, he was able to figure things out and used his final flash attack, which caused Magetta to be dizzy and prompted him to take advantage of the situation and punch the robot-like enemy out of the ring.

In the upcoming episode, Vegeta will come face-to-face with an enemy that is similar to him in a lot of ways. Cabba is of saiyan race and seems to resemble his son, Trunks, in some features. The fight will be intense especially after Cabba turns into a super saiyan in its golden yellow form. In the end, Vegeta will turn into his super saiyan god form, which will surprise his enemy. Episode 37 will most likely see Vegeta once again emerge as the victor because of the summary revealed for episode 38.

The final card, described as the strongest warrior from Champa’s team, will fight in episode 38, titled “Here’s Universe 6’s Final Warrior: Hit, Mightiest of Men!” Hit will prove to be a very dangerous enemy, as he has not only the strength but also the motivation to snag Champa’s cube himself.

A few episodes earlier, Goku was declared eligible to fight once again after the judges found out about Frost’s sneaky ways. It is possible that Vegeta will be defeated by Hit, making Goku take over the ring to fight, most likely to be featured in several episodes.

Episode 37 of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on April 3.