'Dragon Ball Super' episode 36 spoilers: Rules change, Vegeta continues to fight to win


Vegeta will continue to battle for Beerus’ team in the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super.”

In episode 35 of the show, Vegeta was not happy with his easy win through disqualification and challenged Frost, who was using poison to weaken his enemies. The universe 6 fighter was able to defeat Goku and Piccolo earlier through his lowball attack, but in the episode last Sunday, Vegeta defeated the Freeza-looking warrior. Meanwhile, the saiyan prince continues to fight, this time against Magetta, the robot-looking character from Champa’s team.

The fight is expected to continue in episode 36 of “Dragon Ball Super,” titled “An Unexpectedly Tricky Opponent!? Vegeta’s Explosion of Rage!” The new opponent will prove to be a more difficult contender to beat, especially since he seems unfazed by each attack. The episode will also have new rules, referred to as the “out of bounds loss,” where fighters may not touch the barrier while they are in the air.

Although there were some changes to the rules, Vegeta is likely to have succeeded in putting down his opponent, as the preview for episode 37 reveals that the saiyan will be fighting Cabba. As of writing, the title of episode 38 has also been revealed, which may further hint on the possible outcome and plot of the anime.

This episode will see the strongest warrior from Champa’s team, named Hit, with the chapter titled “Here’s Universe 6’s Final Warrior: Hit, Mightiest of Men!” In the previous episode, Goku became eligible to fight once again as he was defeated through cheating. Given these rules, it is possible that Vegeta may be defeated by Hit, while Goku will step in again to take on Champa’s strongest fighter. Fans will still have to wait for a few weeks to find out the actual outcome, as there may be further twists in the story.

Episode 36 of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on March 27.