'Dragon Ball Super' episode 34 spoilers, plot rumors: Piccolo unleashes Makank?sapp? transformation


The battle of the two universes continues in “Dragon Ball Super,” with Piccolo taking on the next warrior after Goku seemed to have fallen ill.

Back in episode 33 of the show, Goku and Botamo took on the first fight in the Universe 6 Martial Arts Tournament. Goku transformed into his saiyan form but Botamo seemed to be unfazed by his strength. Initially, Botamo also looked like he had the upper hand as he continued showing off his bouncing ability. Eventually, Goku found a way to defeat Champa’s warrior by tackling him under his belly and forcing him out of the ring.

After Botamo, Goku proceeded to battle Frost, the warrior who seemed to be the “good” counterpart of Freeza. Goku was clearly the stronger fighter as he was able to defeat Frost even with the latter’s several transformations. However, as Goku continued his attacks, he suddenly seemed ill and weak, making Frost take advantage of the situation and kicked him out to his defeat.

Although it is still uncertain what caused Goku to weaken, one prediction of Laughingstock Media involves illness. The review speculates several ideas, including some virus inflicted by one of the warriors from Universe 6 or perhaps the heart ailment that Goku had in the past. The medicine that Trunks from the future gave him back then may have just delayed the disease and this time, it is kicking in.

Nonetheless, episode 34 will continue with the fight, this time with Piccolo stepping in from Beerus’ team. Frost will be able to dominate Piccolo initially, but as they continue with their bout, Piccolo will surprise his opponent through his Makank?sapp? transformation.

The next episode, titled “Piccolo vs. Frost Bet Everything on the Makank?sapp?!” may not only show the outcome of the battle, but also the reason behind Goku’s sudden illness.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 34 will air on Mar. 6.