'Dragon Age' updates: The consensus on Bioware's 'Would you play a 'Dragon Age Tactics' game?' question


Bioware took advantage of social media to ask and get a sense of whether players will consider playing a different iteration of “Dragon Age.”

On his official Twitter account, Mark Darrah, executive producer of Bioware, posted a poll last Friday, “Would you play a Dragon Age Tactics game?”

He expounded that by “tactic game,” he meant something similar to Nintendo’s “Fire Emblem” or the science fiction video game from Julian Gollop, “XCOM.”

Fans were given the options to vote from “yes,” “no,” “only on PC,” and “only on mobile/handheld device.” As of writing, majority of the fans said “yes,” noting 49 percent of the crowd’s response. On the other hand, 23 percent will play “Dragon Age Tactics” only if it is on PCs, while 6 percent gave their nod only if the game is on handheld or mobile devices. Meanwhile, 22 percent said no to t the idea. The results are based on a total of 12,415 people who answered.

Other fans are also generous in expounding their response, with some saying that they liked “Dragon Age Inquisition,” so Bioware should give them a reason why they should try the different iteration, while others are simply open to try it out.

Darrah has not officially announced if Bioware will indeed make a “Dragon Age Tactics” game in the near future. Based on the responses, a huge chunk of the fans seems interested to try it out. However, it is uncertain whether they are amenable with it based on their standards.

Dragon Age Inquisition” was released in 2014 and already had a limited leeway for some tactical atmosphere. The game was generally well-received, with the title even winning some awards such as the “Game of the Year” from some gaming publications.

Meanwhile, Bioware is expected to release another anticipated title, “Mass Effect Andromeda” for PC and the new generation consoles sometime this year.