Downton Abbey season 6: plot focus will be Lord Grantham's health; PBS lining up Downton Abbey's replacement


The fate of Lord Robert Crawley may be the subject of the remaining episodes of Downton Abbey Season 6.

After the head of the Crawley family vomited blood at the dinner table in Episode 5 of the British period drama, fans have grown worried about whether or not he will survive until the last episode of the series, IBTimes reported.

In the episode, Lady Mary told her brother in law Tom that her father would need to be in hospice care after he underwent a gastrectomy for a stomach ulcer.

The conversation grew more ominous when they discussed Lord Grantham’s hopes for recovery.

According to speculations, his health may continue to deteriorate if he contracts an infection or falls even more ill from a lack of modern medical equipment.

Meanwhile, The Guardian reviewer Viv Groskop said that based on how the story has been unraveling, the show is setting up a romantic relationship between Mary and Tom.

“If it’s all building up to Mary falling in love with Tom, then perhaps there is a God somewhere. But if we are just to have more of the hospital nonsense, Daisy randomly shouting out “Unions!” whenever she remembers to and Sergeant Willis turning up with more spurious evidence about a crime no one cares about, then please spare u,” the reviewer said.

While the PBS drama gears for the end, the network is also gearing to launch Mercy Street as a replacement for the series.

The show is expected to be launched in January 17, 2016.

The new show, which will be headlined by Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Hannah James will revolve around the Civil War and two nurses.

“[‘Mercy Street’ is] the thing you want to bring as many eyeballs as possible to, and we get such an incredible audience for ‘Downtown.’ It’s an opportunity to connect the audience,” PBS’s chief programming executive and general manager of general audience programming Beth Hoppe told Variety.