'Downton Abbey' season 6 Christmas special trailer teases emotional final episode


Fans of the critically acclaimed period drama show “Downton Abbey” are invited to spend one more Christmas with their beloved characters as they finally bid goodbye in the series’ very last episode.

In promotion of the Christmas special, PBS has released a trailer showcasing what could be a very emotional last installment. The characters are starting to say their farewells as they celebrate the holidays.

A scene featuring the Crawley’s celebration of New Year’s Eve has Jim Carter’s Mr. Carson seemingly accepting that the times are really changing. Viewers will remember that he is one of the most reluctant people when it comes to adapting to what the future holds. Talking to Lord Grantham, he says, “The world is a different place from the way it was, my lord. And Downton Abbey must change with it.”

Thomas Barrow played by Rob James-Collier says goodbye to his longtime job and the members of the staff including Oliver Barker’s George seem to be sad to see him leave. They even asked him to stay. However, he states, “I arrived as a boy, I leave as a man.”

The Dowager Countess portrayed by Maggie Smith, also gives her take on the occasion as she explains to Penelope Wilton’s Isobel why she enjoys celebrating New Year, “Makes me smile. Every year, we drink to the future, whatever it may bring.”

Also appearing in the clip are Tom Branson and the newlywed Lady Rose Aldridge, played by Allen Leech and Lily James, respectively. The video closes with the latter kissing her husband.

Meanwhile, when it comes to guest stars, it is confirmed that Patricia Hodge will be Bertie Pelham’s mother, Matt Barber as Lady Rose’s husband Atticus Aldridge, and Peter Egan as her father, Shrimpie.

The final episode of “Downton Abbey” will air first in the United Kingdom on Dec. 25, while fans from the United States will see the installment on Jan. 3, 2016.