'Doom' 2016: Satanic figures hidden in game's soundtrack revealed


It was recently revealed that the soundtrack of the 2016 reboot of the first-person shooter “Doom” franchise carry satanic figures and elements hidden in the songs included in the game’s soundtrack.

Specifically, the “Cyberdemon” song of the game’s soundtrack was revealed to feature pentagrams and the “666 – Number of the Beast” images on its frequency when viewed through a spectrogram.

Reddit user Tomcb created a post on the community site’s Gaming subsection, featuring a screenshot of the song being played through the Foobar music player program. The screen shot showed various instances of the number “6” appearing throughout the song’s visualized frequency. The “6s” repeatedly appeared in groups of threes, followed by an appearance of a pentagram image before showing another three “6s.”

Mick Gordon, composer of the game’s soundtrack, teased the existence of the images in a video he recently released. Titled “Doom: Behind The Music Part 2,” the video was the second in a pair of videos which showcased a look behind the scenes of the game’s musical composition.

Evidence of the Easter egg appears right around the video’s 3:29 mark, showing a series of stylized pentagram images different from those in the “Cyberdemon” song, which suggests that at least another song might also carry similar images in its frequencies.

Gordon also confirmed the authenticity of the Reddit thread by sharing it via a post on Twitter where he said, “SUPER cool to see a little @DOOM musical easter egg sitting that the #1 spot on @reddit.”

As a game about an unnamed Marine battling the demonic forces of Hell on Mars, the existence of various images commonly associated with Satanism or the like in material related to “Doom” is not all that surprising. The images also function as further evidence of the developer id Software’s attention to detail; including visual references in places unlikely to be seen at all in addition to the game’s other Easter eggs.