'Doctor Who' news: Steven Moffat sees another five years in show


“Doctor Who” will continue with series 10 and beyond, as confirmed by Steven Moffat, showrunner of the said TV series. 

In an exclusive interview with Variety, Moffat, who has been recognized as the brain behind the show’s excellent reboot, talked about “Doctor Who” as well as the plans for it in the future.

He said, “‘Doctor Who’ is the all-time perfectly evolved television show. It’s a television predator designed to survive any environment because you can replace absolutely everybody. Most shows you can’t do that with.

“For example, once Benedict Cumberbatch gives up ‘Sherlock,’ what are we going to do? We are going to stop, that’s what we are going to do. Most shows have a built-in mortality. But here is a show that sheds us all like scales; a show that can make you feel everything except indispensable. It will carry on forever, because you can replace every part of it.” 

Moffat also assured fans that the series will still run five years from now. He explained how “Doctor Who” is a league of its own and even said that it may go beyond half a decade. He is currently working on series 10, and he revealed that Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara Oswald in the show, will be leaving. 

Meanwhile, “Doctor Who” Adventures #8 is set to be launched on Nov. 5, according to Doctor Who News. The comic strip is expected to see a new agent in Time and PR in space, said the report, as well as a makeover for “Doctor Who.” Aside from this, #8 will also delve into the details of the women in “Doctor Who’s” life, figure out more about the Colony Sarff, and have a time travel to the Victorian era in London.

“Doctor Who” is a British science fiction television program that initially aired from 1963 until 1989. Its story revolves around an alien doctor who has the capacity to time travel.