'Doctor Who' season 10 premiere spoilers: Filming to wrap in March 2017, premiere to be delayed?


Filming for the 10th season of “Doctor Who” is ongoing as series stars Peter Capaldi and new co-star Pearl Mackie have been seen shooting new episodes for the BBC hit. While the season 10 premiere date has yet to be announced, a new report claims that production will continue until next year, and this spurred rumors that the new installment might be delayed.

Film and TV industry website The Knowledge claims to have the inside scoop on when the series will wrap up filming for season 10. According to the site, production on the new season of “Doctor Who” will end on March 31, 2017.

If the report is accurate, then fans might have to wait a bit longer before season 10 makes it to TV screens, as the BBC previously announced that the show will return in spring 2017. However, as the network has not yet revealed a premiere date for the new season, it remains to be seen whether season 10 will be delayed.

Season 10 will have 12 episodes, preceded by this year’s Christmas special and followed by 2017’s Christmas special. Mackie will be making her debut as the Doctor’s new human companion, Bill. Showrunner Steven Moffat described Bill as “someone who asks questions that nobody has asked for 53 years.”

“[She has the] irreverence and cheek to ask all the questions you’re not supposed to ask on ‘Doctor Who,'” said Moffat to Doctor Who Magazine.

The new season will be more reflective of the modern world, according to Capaldi.

“I think possibly we’ll see more of that in the new season,” the actor told “LaLata TV” (via Cultbox). “I think that’s quite interesting when the show reflects the changing state of planet Earth as it is in 2016.”

According to Cultbox, the first episode of the season is called “A Star in Her Eye,” while the second still-unnamed episode was shot in Valencia, Spain. The third episode appears to be set in an older time as the Doctor and Bill are seen wearing old-fashioned clothing.

“Doctor Who” season 10 premieres in 2017 on BBC.