'Doctor Who' news 2016: Amazon Prime Instant Video deletes streaming announcement


Fans of the British TV series “Doctor Who” are confused about the release of the said show. Previously, Netflix abruptly halted the streaming of the said series in America. Then, Amazon Prime Instant Video announced that they will be streaming the show.

Amazon Prime Instant Video made the announcement on their Twitter account on Feb. 22 saying, “Want to know the future? Now you can! Here’s what’s coming to #PrimeVideo in March #Bosch #DrWho.” Nerdist reported.

However, as of writing, the tweet has been deleted. Some are speculating that Amazon Prime made a premature announcement. Ecumenical News reported that some rumors say that BBC might have plans to utilize its own streaming service.

In the same Nerdist report, it was said that BBC’s reason for pulling out the series is to allocate it for an international iPlayer.

Last Jan. 31st, The Verge reported that “Doctor Who” and other major BBC shows will be disappearing from Amazon Prime Instant Video beginning Feb. 15. Its source said that the reason points to “exclusivity.” The report also mentioned that Amazon’s strategy is to acquire exclusive subscription, and BBC is only offering a license without exclusivity. The report claims they were informed the company chose “not to renew the agreement.”