'Doctor Strange' movie updates: new set photos; plot may get rolling in Kathmandu


Marvel’s upcoming film “Doctor Strange” recently started filming in Nepal. Behind the scenes photos of main titular star Benedict Cumberbatch have circulated over the internet through fan posts on Twitter. More recently, alleged plot details of the upcoming movie have leaked onlinehinting at a villain from the comic books.

In a report by Latino Review, sources have claimed to reveal the plot details for the upcoming film. According to the report, “Doctor Strange” will not only tell the origins story of the main character Stephen Strange, but will actually open in 1968 Kathmandu, a time when Zealots of dark magic opened a portal to a different dimension, led by Kaecilius. In the comics, Kaecilius is the subordinate of Doctor Strange villain Baron Mordo. It was not made clear how he will be connected to the film rendition of the arch-villain.

This will be followed by what most fans have been expecting nowtop surgeon Stephen Strange suffering a terrible hand injury, pushing him to go to to limits to heal back his hand and regain his professional career, ultimately leading him to The Ancient Oneplayed by Tilda Swintonwho will eventually have him as a disciple in the art of sorcery.

The character of Dr. Nicodemus West also comes in, as he tries to heal back the damaged hand of Strange, but fails. He is rumored to be played by actor Michael Stuhlbarg.

The character that will be played by Rachel McAdams was not mentioned in the alleged plot of the movie. Marvel Studios has yet to officially reveal her role in the film, but it was long rumored that she will play the role of the Night Nurse Christine Palmer.

Behind the scene photos show star Benedict Cumberbatch sporting thick facial hair travelling on the streets of Nepal, in set of scene that is said to be about his character finding a cure for his lost hand, which will lead him to The Ancient One.

Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4, 2016.