'Doctor Strange' cast news: Amy Landecker role still unknown; characters of Rachel McAdams', other actorsstill unconfirmed


The already phenomenal cast of Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” was joined by “Transparent” star Amy Landecker, according to The Wrap. No details are available as yet regarding the role she will play, whether it will be a familiar figure from the comic book or a new one, or even how big the part is. 

Even so, Landecker only adds more eminence to “Doctor Strange’s” lineup of actors headed by Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role of Stephen Strange, a brilliant neurosurgeon no longer able to perform surgery with skill when he gets into an accident. He then finds himself involved in mystic encounters with the Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton, who instructs Strange in mystic pursuits and the use of his powers. In his travels, he comes face to face with his nemesis Baron Mordo, played by the actor Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Rachel McAdams is on board but her role remains unconfirmed, although it is highly probable that it will be that of Night Nurse Christine Palmer. Michael Stuhlbarg of “Steve Jobs” will likely play Dr. Nicodemus West, a key character in the film, the surgeon who, according to the comics, operates on Strange’s hands after his accident, but Variety says he will play a rival scientist to Strange. 

Mads Mikkelsen, an actor popular in villain roles, is another one who may be joining the cast, but an interview with a Chinese site, MTime, reveals he knows as much about the role as “the rest of the world. So far it’s been rumors, so I’m waiting on a phone call.” But apparently, landing a role in “Doctor Strange” would make him go “over the moon.”

“It would be fantastic to be a part of the Marvel family,” he said. “It’s something we all grew up with. We all have our heroes and Doctor Strange is definitely one of the more interesting things.”

Thus far, there has been no confirmation that he has indeed joined the ranks.

It is still a year until “Doctor Strange” hits theaters but filming of a few scenes has started in Nepal, before full production starts next month at the Pinewood-Shepperton Studios in the United Kingdom. While in Nepal, a few photos have leaked out from the set showing a usually clean-shaven Cumberbatch looking strange with a long beard and his hands in bandages as if they have been injured. 

Scott Derrickson (“Sinister”) is directing with the script penned by John Spaihts (“Prometheus”).  

“Doctor Strange” hits theaters on Nov. 4, 2016.