'Dishonored 2' updates: New Game Plus patch to be released soon; Corvo and Emily share skill trees in new mode


The New Game Plus patch for the hit game “Dishonored 2” will be coming soon, and Bethesda announces that it will come with a twist.

According to Game Rant, while not being a primary priority, the New Game Plus mode is still the most in-demand post-launch content for the game. After all, players were shocked to find out that a New Game Plus mode was not implemented, given the fact that the game can never be fully understood with just one playthrough.

With this, players were forced to start a new game, losing the Bonecharms they collected beforehand as well as the powers they acquired during their first playthrough, and this seemed to be unnecessarily tedious. Thankfully, Bethesda listened to its fanbase’s pleas, and now, the New Game Plus is on its way.

However, for the trouble, Bethesda has given the players more options when it comes to customizing their playthrough. The new mode will allow players access to both Corvo and Emily’s powers. After all, the two’s skill trees were separate from one another, so most players assumed that compensation will be given to them when they start the new mode.

With this update, however, excitement brews from the “Dishonored 2” game’s fanbase, as they can now mix and match Corvo and Emily’s powers. It will certainly draw in players who were previously uninterested in playing a second time as they can make ludicrously overpowered builds that can make their character an unstoppable killing machine.

Gamespresso reports that the New Game Plus can only be unlocked after completing the main game. Players can choose to play either as Corvo or as Emily, and they will have access to all the Bonecharm traits and Runes they got from previous playthroughs.

The “Dishonored 2” patch will be released on Dec. 19 for the PS4, PC, and the Xbox One.