Dishonored 2 release date, gameplay: title to come in 2016 with Emily, but is FB page hinting at delay?


Around three months ago, there was news that Dishonored 2 will come back next year with a new character to focus on, Emily Kaldwin, the young empress who was an unplayable character initially. The new character, as described by one of the Directors Harvey Smith, “will have her own set of powers, her own assassinations and animations, so she feels different, she feels like a finesse character,” notes The Guardian. This has prompted fans to look forward to the sequel game even more.

However, there are qualms that the game will be delayed in its release given that initially the Facebook page said “Spring 2016,” while later on, it was changed to simply “2016,” said Venture Capital Post. This may or may not imply anything, and for sure, any delay, in case there is, will most likely be to make the sequel a better one. It is understandable for fans to make a quick reaction though, as some have been worried that a sequel may not come in the first place given its gap with the release of the first game.

Nonetheless, Master Herald said that Bethesda, the developer, knows what is best for their fans and knows what they are doing. The same report added that there should be no delays expected from Dishonored 2. On the other hand, iDigital Times mentioned last month that delaying Dishonored 2 later on will be a good move given that a spring release will make the game compete with other known titles such as Unchartered 4, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and Doom.

Dishonored is an action and adventure video game from a first player perspective aimed at defeating enemies through the use of stealth action with some weapons and gadgets. The battle is done in self-contained and mission-focused areas where powers and in-game movement can be explored in more than one way. The first game was released three years ago. Dishonored 2 takes the setting 15 years after its initial installment after the Dunwall Plague, with the game made available for Play Station 4, Xbox One, and PCs.