'Dishonored 2' release date: Creator discusses the themes of the sequel


“Dishonored 2” has one of the big announcements back in Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015, and after the event there haven’t been new details with regards to the sequel. However, since this year’s E3 is fast approaching once again, Bethesda has been teasing new information for the new game.

GameSpot was able to have an interview with three of the people who are part of the team that is developing “Dishonored 2.” They were able to grab new information from Harvey Smith, he spearheads the project as he is the creator and the director of the franchise as well. Also, during the interview Sebastien Mitton, the art director, and Dinga Bakaba, the lead designer, were present as well.

One of the questions that were asked during the interview is why it would be necessary to have two playable characters. Furthermore, considering that Emily will be the appropriate playable character for the sequel, fans are wondering why Corvo would still be playable.

Harvey replied, “These games are two halves of a circle. This pivotal event that where Jessamine Kaldwin was killed shifted the entire Empire. Corvo had to respond to it and now 15 years later you see the final outcome of it through Emily. As we working through the game we also felt this deep nostalgia for Corvo, this guy who’s is aging and is trying to protect his daughter one more time.”

Moreover, the theme that revolved around the first game was how “Revenge changes everything,” and with that central theme it manifested into the concept of “redemption and justice.” Harvey discussed that there are multiple themes for the sequel by saying, “I would say the question of how you use power is back for sure.” He also added, “The aristocrat layer versus how others live is another one” and “For Corvo it’s the question of how long he can protect his daughter.”

In addition, the design of the game was also discussed by Dinga. He mentioned, “It’s not like we’re playing alchemist with this, but we do try to make systems that are open. Let’s say you have to design an explosive barrel, most games would tell the game if the AK-47 bullet touches it, create an explosion. We tell the game there is an explosive barrel.”

Fans can expect more announcements from Bethesda during this year’s E3, but the game is expected to come out on Nov. 11, 2016.