'Dishonored 2' updates: Creative director reveals new in-game abilities


Fans can prepare to either slink through the shadows or cut enemies to bits as details of the new abilities in the upcoming stealth action adventure video game “Dishonored 2,” the sequel to the 2012’s “Dishonored,” have been revealed.

In an interview with IGN, “Dishonored 2” creative director Harvey Smith discussed the new and interesting powers that players can make use of in the game. Before diving into the details, Smith clarified that “Dishonored 2” will feature all of Corvo’s abilities from the first game while adding some new ones.

Not only will all of Corvo’s abilities be returning, they have also been tweaked and will feature new and enhanced versions compared to those featured in the first game.

An example of a returning ability that was enhanced for “Dishonored 2” is the Possession ability. The first game’s Possession came in two tiers; the first tier was the basic Possession that allowed Corvo to possess animals, which he could then control at will. Upgrading to tier 2 allowed the possession of humans, though Corvo’s control was severly limited.

The sequel’s enhanced Possession will allow players to possess corpses, allowing players the ability to listen or watch guards or targets using the corpse’s eyes and ears. Furthermore, players can now chain the ability, meaning they can jump to another host without having to resume their own form. It also now works on flying creatures.

A new ability for the sequel is Shadow Walk. According to Smith, the ability will be used by Emily and will allow her to turn into a vaporous shadow being. While the ability augments Emily’s abilities like stealth, Smith says that Shadow Walk is an ability intended more for enhancing the “mood” of the game.

Another of Emily’s abilities is Domino, which links up to four targets up and forces them to share amongst themselves whatever happens to one of them. As an example, Emily setting one linked target on fire will also cause the other linked targets to catch on fire.

Emily also has the Doppelganger ability, which essentially creates a shadow version of her intended to distract guards. Upgrading the ability allows the copy to fight, giving players another option in their approach.

The fifth ability Smith mentioned is Mesmerized. Similar to Doppelganger, it is intended to distract the victim but affects them mentally unlike Doppelganger. From a practical standpoint, Mesmerize essentially takes control of the victim’s mind and affects their short term memory, so players have a chance to escape if they are spotted.

When designing these abilities, Smith said that they incorporated them into the game in a way that allows players to come up with unintended use for the abilities. An example is combining Doppelganger and Domino together to link three enemies to the clone, attacking or killing the clone will then also affect the other targets.

Set 15 years after the first game, “Dishonored 2” will place players into the shoes of either returning protagonist Corvo Attano or Princess Emily Kaldwin as they attempt to retake the Dunwall throne from a usurper. Corvo will now be voiced, courtesy of Stephen Russel, while Erica Luttrell will be taking over Chloe Grace Moretz as the voice of an older Emily.

“Dishonored 2” hits shelves on Nov. 11.