'Digimon Adventure tri.' news: first episode of new 'Digimon' adventure streamed for free by Crunchyroll


The Digital Monsters are back for a new adventure!

The world of “Digimon” officially continues in the North American regionfor free. Anime streaming website Crunchyroll recently started streaming the first part of the new movie series “Digimon Adventure tri.” The site puts the first episode of “Digimon Adventure tri” for free, but the remaining episodes are available only to subscribers.

“Digimon Adventure tri.” is a new installment in the “Digimon” anime series. It brings back the familiar characters form the original “Digimon Adventure” and “Digimon Adventure 02” series. The children in the show are now all grownups, all of them currently high school studentsand seemingly starting to lose the strong bond they once had. Living a normal life with the Digital Monstersor the Digimononly seemingly a part of their childhood, the Chosen Children, or called the DigiDestined, gets unexpectedly reunited with their partner Digimons, in order to stop a new mysterious foe that threatens not only the Digital World, but also the real world.

“Digimon Adventure tri.” is set three years after the final events of “Digimon Adventure 02” and six years after the events of the first series. Originally, “Digimon Adventure tri.” was announced as a new series in celebration of the 15<sup>th anniversary of the first “Digimon Adventure” series. However, it was then announced that the new show will instead be a series of six theatrical movies that will be screened in Japanese theaters.

Each movie will be shown outside of Japan in episodic format consisting of four episodes per movie. The first movie, released in Japan on Nov. 21 is titled “Saikai” (“Reunion”). The second film, which will open in Japan on March 12, 2016 will be titled “Ketsui” (“Determination”).

The first “Digimon Adventure tri.” film grossed a total amount of 59,000,000 Yen or at least $480,00 during its opening weekend in 10 Japanese theaters.