'Diablo III': massive Patch 2.4.0 to introduce new Zone, Legendary items, PC-exclusive features


Back at the recently held BlizzCon event, Blizzard Entertainment had announced the new massive patch update coming to their hit game “Diablo III”introducing a wide range of new in-game content, new features, and exclusive content for gamers playing on PC.

As detailed by the games Public test realm preview post, the Patch 2.4.0 will feature new Zones, new areas in gameplay, new gameplay features, minor fixes and changes and three PC-exclusive changes.

A new Zone called the Greyhollow Island will be added, exclusive in Adventure mode. The new mysterious location is a place where all who dared visit have never returned, or so the tale goes.

In addition to the new Zone, the upcoming patch will be expanding existing zones, first with the land before the Ruins of Sescheronthe undead-infested forest of the Eternal Woods. Leoric’s Manor has been expanded for further exploration, and players will now be able to go to the Royal Quarters, opening to more secrets of the Skeleton King’s days or reign.

The Patch 2.4.0 update will also be bringing in massive revamping in the game’s Class system. For one, the Thorns of the Invoker and the Shadow’s Mantle will see a total overhaul, while Inna’s Mantra and Firebird’s Finery will receive some boost and gameplay tweaking.

In order to “give players the opportunity to learn and master their sets inside and out”, a new challenge set called Set Dungeons will be introduced. Set Dungeons can be unlocked once a player completes all six pieces of any class set.

New Legendary items are also coming with the update, adding more than 40 new Legendary powers, giving powers to previously power-less Legendaries, introducing new ones, and updating the current one too.

PC players will also be getting revisions to their Season Journeys. After the Patch 2.4.0 update, there will be no more Season Legendaries. “Instead,” Blizzard said, “all Legendary items headed to Patch 2.4.0 will be made immediately available to players regardless of Season participation.”

More features and changes will be revealed that will be part of the massive patch 2.4.0 of “Diablo III”. Stay tuned for updates.