'Diablo 4' release date, news: Fans hope new game will make an appearance at BlizzCon 2016


Is “Diablo IV” still even in the cards for Blizzard Entertainment? It has been four years since its predecessor was rolled out and fans are already clamoring for a new installment of the role-playing video game series. Fortunately, it is as if that the developers are already gearing up for something big this year via a surprise launch for the supposed succeeding iteration.

The tip came from a subtle post from Blizzard Entertainment’s official Twitter account when one fan asked what their plans were for this year’s BlizzCon with which they coyly answered: “BlizzCon will be really cool this year.” Since then, a lot of fans were quick to speculate that the tweet was pertaining to something big like finally dropping “Diablo IV.”

However, if hoping for a new full game from the franchise is too much, other gamers are just looking forward to additional content for “Diablo III.” The fact that there has not been much support for the current iteration of the title is somehow frustrating for loyal players. Speculation has it that it is because of the departure of a couple of key people on the development team that worked on the game with game director Josh Mosqueira being the biggest one. Since then, Blizzard Entertainment has posted several job vacancies for positions including game director, senior animator, senior character artist and senior concept artist. And while there have been arguments that these new roles can be for other properties, the announcements having a “Diablo” subheading may prove the claim.

Aside from a supposed extension pack for “Diablo III”, another notable rumor is that the company may also be unveiling the remake version of “Diablo II.”

Regardless of which among these three scenarios will eventually pan out, gamers are just hoping for any “Diablo” related development which Blizzard Entertainment will be ready to publicly share.

BlizzCon 2016 will be held in Anaheim, California and will happen from Nov. 4 to 5. For tickets and additional information, head here.