'Diablo 3' gets a slew of new updates from Blizzard Entertainment


While a lot of fans are already gearing up for the next full installment in the “Diablo” series, Blizzard Entertainment is clearly still milking the current iteration of the game in “Diablo 3.” A slew of new updates that will be coming have made their way online, piquing the interest of gamers.

For starters, the seasonal contests that have previously made its way to Microsoft Windows are also finally debuting on PlayStation and Xbox. The feature has been available for PC gamers for a year now and in 2017, console users will also be able to start a new seasonal character that can go through hoops in the game.

New zones will be coming to the game, according to a statement by Blizzard. “The desolate, fog-enshrouded Moors have been occupied by armies and empires over time. Beneath them lies the Temple of the Firstborn a place of evil unlike anything you’ve seen before,” the game producing company teased.

Meanwhile, as inventory for the game continues to build, an additional tab for crafting materials will also be introduced. This way, there will be a separation between the two which effectively saves archive slots. Five character load-outs, on the other hand, will be debuting to make it easier for the player to swap out skills and gears without the hassle of doing it manually.

All of the aforementioned tweaks will be coming to “Diablo 3” on top of the Necromancer pack which makes the character playable alongside an in-pet game, two new character slots and other goodies. Aside from the latter, the previously mentioned changes will all be coming for free.

For the “Diablo” franchise’s 20th year in the market, Blizzard also announced a special celebratory event which will come via Patch 2.4.3 with the Darkening of Tristram. The update will be treating fans to a trip down memory lane as it will be transporting players to the first time that the world of Sanctuary had been taken over.

“Head to Old Tristram in Adventure Mode during the month of January to discover a portal where you can explore a ‘Diablo III’ recreation of the events that transpired in the original ‘Diablo.’ Filled with iconic enemies, familiar faces, and some old-school items, this event is a nostalgia-packed adventure down memory lane. Transmogrification rewards, achievements, and a few extra surprises await those brave enough to plumb the depths below Tristram,” the description for the upcoming event reads.