'Devious Maids' season 4 premiere spoilers: Daniela Mercado to play Carmen's daughter; Eva Longoria makes a cameo


Season 4 of Lifetime’s drama “Devious Maids” will return to the small screens featuring brand new faces and a special cameo of showrunner Eva Longoria.

Actress Sol Rodriguez joins the cast in a recurring part as Daniela Mercado, a long-lost relative of Carmen Luna (Roselyn Sanchez). Similar to the latter, Daniela aspires to become a famous singer in the music industry, but her wilder side will bring conflict and possible competition for Carmen as they both try to make it big.

Rodriguez shared to Sun Sentinel that she recalled laughing so hard during table readings, “I come on the show thinking that I am Carmen’s cousin and then I find out that she’s my mom, so you can imagine how that goes.” She also revealed that she will appear in almost all of the 10-installment run with Sanchez, who became a mentor to her during filming for her first English-language TV role.

In a correspondence with the news outlet, executive producer Brian Tanen said that there were a lot of young women who tried for the character, but Rodriguez had the edge, “She’s incredibly beautiful, naturally funny, and she ‘pops’ right off the screen. She has only done a few English-speaking roles, but the producers felt like she had the potential to be a star.”

Meanwhile, the trailer showcased that Longoria will guest star as herself saying, “You are the meanest person I’ve ever met and I worked on ‘Desperate Housewives.'” She will have a reunion with former costar James Denton who will also recur alongside newcomers in the show, Christopher J. Hanke as new hairstylist and confidant of Genevieve (Susan Lucci), and Ryan McPartlin, a sweet, fun and sexy new neighbor who becomes every woman’s fantasy. However, the latter is said to be unusually close to his mother.

“Devious Maids” season 4 is slated to premiere on Monday, June 6 at 9 P.M. EDT with the narrative tackling the investigation of a murder mystery in episode 1 titled “Once More Unto The Bleach.”