'Destiny' November Patch News, Details: Big update will roll out before Thanksgiving; includes fixes for Crucible reward system and Bounties


A new patch for the science-fiction game “Destiny” has been confirmed and announced to arrive in November, sometime before Thanksgiving, to fix some issues encountered by players.

Bungie stated on its official blog that following the smaller Patch that has been released recently, the next big update labeled “2.0.2” will have greater rewards and address bugs concerning Bounties.

Design Lead Lars Bakken focused on the gamers’ frustrations on the sudden reward drop they have experienced after the 2.0.1 update when it comes to the Iron Banner system. He said that there is “a nasty bug that affected how Legendary drops happen throughout the Crucible, including Iron Banner.”

“We’re working hard to ensure that the next Iron Banner will work as intended, and be even better than before. These changes will make your entire Crucible career more rewarding. Once the final details are locked, we’ll be sure to share them with you,” he added.

Meanwhile, senior designer Andrew Weldon divulged some details about the Bounties as he explained that they have investigated that dozens of the aforementioned element in “The Taken King” downloadable content pack have not been doing what they are supposed to do.

They will also make adjustments to some bounties that are difficult to complete, demand too much carnage or put so many requirements on other players. He said that their goal is to have the Daily Crucible Bounties achievable within a handful of matches.

Moreover, senior designer Leif Johnson shared that with the introduction of “Crucible Forged” Questline, the mission has reportedly been long while the reward was little. They will make it shorter with the addition of giving freedom to players on how they want to complete quests either one-by-one or all-at-once.

To help curb the anticipation for the latest update, gamers can look forward to the return of “Trials of Osiris,” with the competition resuming on October 30.