'Destiny: Xur' news: Xur weekend location at the Reef again? items from weekend include Telesto


Xur: Agent of the Nine has once again visited the Destiny’s Tower last Dec. 4 to 6 to sell some unique items for players of “Destiny: Xur.”

Xur, the weekend merchant, appeared at the Reef and sold quite a number of exotic items for the players. However, there was a bug that made the merchant appear or move in the Tower at the Hangar. The bug seems to also have affected a number of players’ accessibility as some cannot access the server.

During the weekend, Xur sold Legacy Special Weapon Engram for 31 strange coins. While for 23 strange coins, players can opt for the Telesto, an Exotic Fusion Rifle. The Telesto was one of the most highlighted items as it can serve as a grenade attack with high impact, stability, and reload capabilities.

Aside from these, The Stag, a Warlock Helmet, the Ruin Wings, an exotic Titan Gauntlet, and the Skyburner’s Annex, an exotic Hunter Helmet, were all sold for 13 strange coins each. According to Games Radar, the armors were not really good items as the choices seem to lack special features. Meanwhile, Xur also brought Three of Coins for 7 strange coins, the Glass Needle for 3 strange coins, and 1 exotic shard for anyone who will be needing it.

Compared to the previous weeks, the new items carried by Xur this week seemed to be huge improvements. However, for those who were not able to catch the merchant or did not see anything they needed, he will once again be back this weekend. In a fan page dedicated to Xur’s whereabouts, guesses from players with several options, including his usual initial spot last week at the Reef, are already being rounded up.

There are still no concrete guess and information about the location of Xur in the upcoming weekend, Dec. 11 to 13, as fans may still be trying out the new items purchased over the weekend. There should be some information coming in the next few days. Will the merchant appear at the Reef again?