Destiny Xur Location This Weekend: Gjallarhorn rocket launcher on sale this weekend?


The players of Destiny’s Xur, Agent of the Nine, are waiting for the news of the location of Xur, for this weekend, which is expected to bring the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher to celebrate Independence Day.

According to a report by Product Reviews, the first weekend of July will have the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher up for grabs upon popular demand. The Gjallarhorn rocket launcher hasn’t been sold since it was sold two weeks after the game was launched.

The much coveted weapon was thought to be sold anymore as it wasn’t put up for sale since a very long time. The report also suggested that the fans believed that the reason behind the absence of the device could be because it is the most powerful weapon in the game.

However, Destiny has decided to bring back the weapon, after Adam Boyes Sony’s VP, mentioned the weapon at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, this year. He said that like many other fans, he too had been waiting for Destiny to make the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher available to its players.

Developer Bungie still hasn’t given any announcement or news of this week’s location or the merchandise that will be up for sale. As of now, the only item known to be on sale is the Icebreaker, although its location is still not know.
Bungi might make the announcement some time on Friday, before the Independence Day.

Last Week on Destiny, Xur was located on the right side of the Warlock Vanguard table in the Tower, and he sold the Peregrine Greaves leg armor, Crest of Alpha Lupi and Heart of the Praxic Fire chest armor, along with the Death pulse rifle.

In order to find Xur’s location for the first weekend of July, the website Down Today has promised its readers that a video will be posted to give directions and tips to find the location. The website also suggested that this week, if the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher isn’t made available, Xur could be selling another exotic armor.