Destiny Xur location this week: Exotic weapon coming after last week's mishap


After running into trouble with his inventory last week, the famed merchant will make amends and be back with a weapon.

Last week on Destiny, a lot of players were outraged when Xur came for his regular shop setup for the week, but was missing a slot on his inventory. The famed Agent of The Nine vendor came last week with no weapons up for sale.

Game developer Bungie was aware of the said issue early on. In fact, they tweeted that they were looking into it on the very same day that Xur set up his weekly shop. In their post, they said: “We are aware of issues with Xur’s inventory. We are currently investigating. Standby for updates.”

Unfortunately, the reason as to why Xur was lacking weapons for the previous week was never detailed by Bungie. However, they assured that the famed vendor would be back for this week with all of his stuff.

“We’ve determined we can’t safely alter Xur at this time,” Bungie said in another Tweet. “He’ll be back next week with a full inventory, including an Exotic weapon.”

With that, expect Xur to have more guns up for grabs when he surfaces at the Tower for the weekend.

Xur appears at random locations on the Tower at around 2PM PST Friday and usually leaves at around 2AM PST Sunday.

Last week, Xur was spotted at the Tower north, beside The Speaker’s Observatory. As previously mentioned, the merchant did not have any weapons to sell. However, he did sell the Helm of Inmost Light, the Celestial Nighthawk helm, the Sunbreakers gauntlets, and the regular Exotic Shard and Engram.

In related news, Bungie announced the upcoming update 2.0.0 for Destiny, which is set to bring major changes to some of the fan favorite weapons in the game. Weapons that were hit by the nerf bat include the Thorn, Hawkmoon, Ice Breaker, and Gjallarhorn. The said update will be released alongside the upcoming The Taken King expansion pack.