'Destiny' updates: Special event gives chance to earn items, gears, and more


“Destiny” is making its best to ensure that they end the year with a bang, with several activities and updates listed on its site.

For players who are looking to earn several items may join the Sparrow Race, which includes three different challenges depending on their preferences.

For instance, players who are looking forward to boosting their speed may join the Amanda Holliday, where they need to complete three races in order to get the chance to earn EV-40 Snowscream with 160 Speed.

On the other hand, those who want to upgrade their gear and get items such as emblems, shaders, and racing suits may earn by finishing the bounties and quests, levelling up in the SRL Event Standing and completing the races. Players may also add a horn as an accessory to boost their presence. In addition, there are also other add-ons available such as the Legendary SRL Class items as well as Helmets that have infusible lights.

Meanwhile, players with active SRL can get the optional SRL Record Book at Eververse where they will be able to track their Sparrow racing achievements. They may also earn special rewards by finishing challenges.

The events started last Dec. 17 and will last until Dec. 29. Afterwards, Saladin will appear in the Tower and set in flames one of the towers in lieu of his tradition at around 10 A.M. PT on Dec. 29. The game will resume to normal in Control.

Those who perform well will have the chance to get an endgame gear either from Saladin or from the drops at the end of the bouts. From Saladin, players can expect Boots, Helmets and Auto Rifles, and Shotguns for Ranks 3, 4, and 5, respectively. On the other hand, after the game, fans can look forward to Helmets for Rank 2, Class Items and Auto Rifles for Class 3, and Shotgun for Rank 4.

The special run is just an addition from the developers to ensure that fans will have additional weapons and items as they welcome 2016.