'Destiny' updates: Bungie to issue melee bug fix on May 10


Tomorrow, May 3, “Destiny” game developer Bungie is set to release Update for the hit shooter game. Following the new update, on May 10, the developers will also roll out an additional update that will fix the long running issues of the game when it comes to its melee fighting mechanics. Players who sometimes fight with melee weapons or do hand-to-hand combat land hits without dealing any damage to the opponent.

In their recent blog post, “Destiny” developer Bungie recognized the existing bug that has something to do with melee fighting in the game. While the game is technically a shooter gamefilled with magical and exotic weaponsthere are still times when hand-to-hand or melee combat can be of great use to players.

However, there are times when players land melee hits on opponentsas Bungie had put it, “you heard it and you felt it”but no damage was dealt at all. Another instance would be when a player throws a punch, but the attack seems to just go through as if it didn’t hit anything at all.

Sandbox Engineer Jon Cable worked on these bugs and shared the details about it.

“When a melee attack seems like it connects, but it doesn’t do any damage, this is usually a networking problem,” he said. “I’ve tweaked some networking logic related to player positions during melee attacks which should help address these issues. This error can still occur, because the internet isn’t perfect, but it should be better.”

As for the punches not connecting at all, this is what he had to say, “When a melee attack whiffs, this is usually a sandbox problem. I’ve fixed a bug where we were starting the target search from an incorrect position.”

The melee update will automatically activate on May 10 at 10 AM Pacific Time.