'Destiny' Patch 2.1.0 released


Bungie recently released the promised December update for their hit shooter game “Destiny,” and it brought along a new time-limited event. Changes to in-game Classes, weapons, Exotics, and other general system fixes that aims to improve overall gameplay experience were included as well.

First off is the release of the Sparrow Racing League time-limited event. The event will be live and accessible in the Tower through Dec. 29. To join the event, players must go and talk to Amanda Holliday to get started on Sparrow Racing Quests and Bounties. New rewards and items await players who will be participating in the event.

As for the updates regarding in-game classesthe Titan class received an extended Titan Melee range but decreased the damage over time effect of Sunstrike. Moreover, the Hammer of Sol has been greatly powered down. Passive buffs of Strikers including Headstrong, Transfusion, Unstoppable, and Juggernaut all received a slight improvements in effects and capabilities.

As for weapons, Hand cannons have been improved and given increased ADS Accuracy for more reliable shooting at close to medium range. Sidearms now have increased ready speed, and Auto Rifles’ base damage have been slightly increased. Meanwhile, Pulse Rifles now have lower base damage than before.

When it comes to updates pertaining to Exotics in the gamethe First Curse perk now refills the magazine when activated, provides better Stability, better Target Acquisition, and damage falloff starts further out while the perk remains active. On the other hand, Hawkmoon’s base damage was reduced by 20 points, and The Chaperone also got its base damage reduced but received increased precision damage scalar. The Pyromancer and Tripod perks for the Dragon’s breath have been removed and replaced by Surplus and Who’s Next. Anew intrinsic perk Napalm, which had rocket fires on a remote detonation trigger was added as well.

An audio issue where certain sounds in the game become too loud was also fixed, as well as rare cases where the game crashes upong logging in the Xbox One version.

For the full patch notes, go here.