Destiny: The Taken King reveals details on villains, Year One Guardians will be distinctive in tiger stripes


In a few weeks, Destiny: The Taken King will officially launch, and the developers, Bungie, has been keeping the hype high as they do the final countdown. They mentioned that this installment will be full of surprises, which includes the input of fans from the first one. Some details were revealed whereas others will be discovered by the players through the game.

One of the changes is to the number of guardians where Light and Level are modified for a more organized evolution of characters. In line with this, leveling up guardians will now connected to the earning experience in the game, while acquiring more powerful gears results in increasing light. There will also be new weapons, armor, and gears to increase the character’s power, as well as new activities that can upgrade classic favorite Guardians.

In terms of storyline and theme, Destiny: The Taken King will take players into the universe of defeating Oryx, The Taken King, before he and his “Taken” army take over civilization and destroy the world. However, Taken will not be the only villain to defeat. Bungie tweeted that “The Taken aren’t the only enemy you’ll face in new battles. This Wednesday on Twitch, we’ll engage new Cabal bosses.”

The new game will include several new things including story quests and campaigns, locations to unravel, enemies to fight, Strikes and Crucible maps, and Raid that will give new challenges to players. Destiny: The Taken King has already revealed a few details regarding the game, such as new challenges, as the Guardians have grown strong. The game will see chaos as the Queen of the Awoken has sent for a hunt of the House of Wolves. Players get to earn rewards as they track down these fallen creatures who were once loyal to the Queen prior to their rebellion. There will also be a new combat arena in the Reef, referred to as the Prison of Elders, where they will challenge the Guardians in an aggressive combat that will test their teamwork and skill. For those who will be able to defeat the Prison of Elders, they get to earn the riches of the Queen’s realm.

In addition, the game will have Trials of Osiris, where three-player Guardian Fireteams defeat one another in elimination combat and earning rewards along the way. Only one winner will emerge, but defenders have the chance to claim weapons and gears in the bout. For Play Station users, they get to have an additional crucible map called time keeper, in a spiral layout featuring close-quarter combat.

As for its fans, players from the first installment also get distinction in recognition and appreciation from its developer. In their site, Bungie said that “The Guardians from Destiny Year One are not just players. You are the founders of a new and vibrant community. To us, you’re VIPs. When the new kids stroll into the Tower, they’ll know who you are. You’ll be the shadowy figures clad in the stripes of a Tiger.”

The game will be made available for Xbox 360, Play Station 3, and Play Station 4 consoles on September 15.