Destiny: The Taken King expansion offers Suros Arsenal pack and Vanguard Weapons with pre-orders


The Taken King, the newest and largest expansion for Destiny will have two bonus sets for players who pre-order the next adventure.

Set to launch on September 15, players who have pre-ordered the game will have Suros Arsenal pack and Vanguard Weapons pack. Suros Arsenal pack will include one of the weapons shown in The Taken King’s narrative called Suros. It will give players special Suros-themed armor shader, profile emblem, and three different weapons in the form of PRR-11 auto rifle, the BNS-13 pulse rifle and the WSC-17 scout rifle. On the other hand, The Vanguard Weapons pack will come with Vanguard-themed auto-rifle, pulse rifle, and sidearm. Both bonus packs will be available to users who pre-order until January 1, 2016.

In terms of storyline and theme, Destiny: The Taken King will take players to a quest to defeat Oryx, The Taken King, before he and his Taken army takes over civilization and destroys the world.

The new game will include several new features including story quests and campaigns, locations to unravel, enemies to fight, Strikes and Crucible maps, and Raid that will challenge players even more. In order to fight the enemies, players will have access to three devastating Guardian subclasses with improved capabilities Warlocks who can now harness the power of electric storm, Hunters who can use gravitational void energy to carve a bow, and Titans who can summon a flaming hammer that can sear enemies or cause a riot. In addition, players will also have new abilities, weapons and gear.

Aside from these, there will also be Strikes, a new quest which has more powerful bosses and other challenges which can also earn new gear, weapons, armor, and the powerful Exotics as the player levels up.

The game will be made available for Xbox 360, Play Station 3, and PlayStation 4 consoles.