'Destiny': 'The Taken King' creative admits flaw in old leveling system


Destiny had been an instant fan-favorite ever since its launch last year. Already expanded to three expansion packswith the latest and the biggest one to date being The Taken Kingthe game has really come a long way from its early days.

In a recent interview with Kotaku, Creative Director for The Taken King expansion pack Luke Smith talked about the challenges they faced with regards to the game, more specifically about the leveling system of the game. In the interview, Smith revealed that the new leveling system had been in the plans of Bungie as early as fall season of last year.

“The original Light system, when that went out the door, we were not thrilled with it,” Smith said. “We knew when that went out the door that we were going to need to revisit it. So that work basically began in earnest probably September or October. We had already started to work on a new proposal, the proposal that would become the Light 2.0 that’s in the game now. We were working on that as early as last fall.”

Additionally, the new leveling system only came later due to compatibility issues with the two previous expansion packsThe Dark Below and The House of Wolves.

“We had to look at DLC 1 and DLC 2 and say, ‘OK, well, how can we set those two DLCs up to allowing for this pivot?'” he added. “So in DLC 2, that’s why you see the introduction of the Etheric Light mechanic, because we were trying to get players to converge quickly at a single, common level because we knew where we were going to take them next.”

The Destiny 2.0 update, with an equally massive change log, marks the beginning of Destiny Year Two. As per game developer Bungie, the update 2.0 also prepares the players for the arrival of Oryx in the games newest and biggest expansion pack ever, The Taken King.

The change log is very long, but a number of significant changes in the game include the increase in the player’s character level cap. After the update 2.0 is applied, the level cap will be increased to 34. But should the player get The Taken King, that level cap will again be increased and the limit will then be up to level 40. Also, the character level and the Light level are now two separate stats, with the Light level, now calculated by the average of the Attack and Defense scores of all the player’s gear. Outgoing and incoming damage has been adjusted accordingly to go with these changes.