'Destiny: Rise of Iron' news: Leaked promotional banner features Lord Saladin


With the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 just around the corner, some details about popular games have allegedly been leaked online with the latest one featuring the touted latest downloadable content pack of “Destiny” dubbed as “Rise of Iron.”

According to Enstarz, an apparent poster of the game has been circulating online. Although there is no official confirmation about its authenticity, a couple of sources who are said to be closed to developer Bungie confirmed the existence of the DLC and the title to be correct.

The promotional image shows Lord Saladin who gamers may recognize from the Iron Banner challenge. He holds a battle-axe with several wolves surrounding him. This leads to speculations that the new gameplay may tackle the lore of the Iron Wolves. Aside from the plot, it may also include a new raid, new weapons that include a hammer, and a potential new area to be explored by players. The added location is expected to be as big or even larger than the previous one.

Express UK deemed that the new elements may also stage the comeback of The Queen of the Reef named Mara Sov. Following her mysterious departure from “The Taken King” her fate may be given light and the truth of what happened to her will ve disclosed. It is predicted that one of the most memorable characters in the game will have a triumphant return.

The DLC is believed to be unveiled sometime during the course of E3 and released later in the year. If it indeed it comes to fruition, “Rise of Iron” is deemed to have come in a good time as the next big entry in the franchise “Destiny 2” is allegedly pushed back to a later release in 2017, presumably during the first quarter.

However, since there is no official announcement yet, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.