'Destiny: Rise of Iron' DLC release date: expansion launch for September 20


The rumors of a new expansion coming to Bungie’s online first person shooter video game “Destiny” have finally been confirmed. The official reveal for “Destiny: Rise of Iron” details the upcoming pack’s content and announcing that it will go live on Sept. 20.

The former developer studio of the “Halo” series officially announced the new “Destiny: Rise of Iron” expansion pack through a reveal trailer posted on the game’s official YouTube channel. The promotional trailer featured a short cinematic trailer, showing the game’s Lord Saladin character facing off against an army of Fallen enemies while accompanied by a pack of his pet wolves, interspersed with in-game shots of the expansion’s new content.

The in-game details included in the trailer revealed that the game will get a whole new storyline set in The Plaguelands; a host of new weapons and armor, like a new gigantic flaming two-handed hammer which looked just like Lord Saladin’s weapon; as well as a new raid.

Bungie also posted on the official website for “Destiny,” providing even more details about the new expansion pack. According to the “Rise of Iron” section on the website, The Plaguelands will now open up after centuries of quarantine.

In The Plaguelands, players will face the new faction of Fallen Devils, the Splicers, who have managed to get into the area and have acquired ancient and powerful technology thought lost long ago. Throughout their missions in the new location, the Guardians will be under the command of Lord Saladin, who is the last of the Iron Lords.

The Iron Lords were the former protectors of the surviving remnants of humanity after the Collapse, based in a fortress on Felwinter Peak and were similarly blessed by the Traveler as the precursors of the Guardians in battling the Darkness. Lord Saladin is the only remaining Iron Lord, and the character will likely be among the central figures of the new expansion’s storyline.

Pre-ordering “Destiny: Rise of Iron” will also give players the returning exotic-class rocket launcher, The Gjallahorn. Players access the weapon as well as the new content of “Destiny: Rise of Iron” when it goes live Sept. 20.