'Destiny' patch update: 'Refer-a-Friend' program coming, new improved Iron Banner


“Destiny” is set to get another massive patch update sometime this month, and another around the following month. The November update has yet to arrive, and Bungie is once more teasing players with new features and changes coming to the game. These will include a new reward system for old players bringing in new players, and also the return of an improved Iron Banner. 

As detailed in Bungie’s Weekly Update, the new update will introduce Bungie’s new reward system that is called “Refer-a-Friend.” When an existing “Destiny” player has a friend who will be getting a copy of “Destiny,” for instance, this Christmas, the old player is set to receive certain rewards should he choose to “guide” the newbie to the world of “Destiny.” 

As Bungie puts it, the “Sherpas” among existing players will be rewarded accordingly for guiding the way of a “Kinderguardian” around their world. Bungie did not give any specifics as to the rewards program mechanics yet, but promised to unpack the full details in the near future as they are now doing finishing touches and should be ready “very soon.” 

In addition to the “Refer-a-Friend” program, the Iron Banner will also be coming back to the game through the update, and along with it are some changes. The Iron banner will feature Clash as the game mode.

“The most obvious change for Iron Banner this time around will be the switch to Clash,” said Senior Designer Derek Carroll. “I’d expect to see a bit less Super ability usage, and a lot more shooting across the board, but good teams will work together and hold territory even without the scoring incentives that Control provided. This will be the first time we’ve played Clash with power differences enabled, so it will be interesting to see how power affects this most basic of 6v6 gametypes.”

The reward system for the Iron Banner event will also see some changes with the coming update.