Destiny Patch 2.0 updates: The Taken King available to preview for free for one week


The player vs. player (PvP) features of Destiny’s new expansion can be previewed for free for one week.

According to, Bungie will be holding the Crucible event for all Destiny players to be able to experience what the new patch, named “The Taken King,” will have in store for those that decide to buy the expansion.

“Whether you’ve pre-ordered The Taken King or not, we’re sending you into the Crucible to experience new modes of battle on every brand new map,” the announcement said.

The Crucible Preview Event will run from September 8 until September 14. After the event, only those that have purchased The Taken King will be able to access the patch’s features.

The Taken King will become available for download or purchase beginning September 15, Gotta Be Mobile said, one day after the conclusion of The Crucible Preview event.

The upcoming patch will reportedly make Grimoire cards a more important part of the game as well as reveal more of the backstory of the Ghost character.

Luke Smith, the patch’s creative director, told Edge Magazine that they are not quite there yet when it comes to the Grimoire cards but they have worked more on revealing more of the Ghost’s background.

“We’re yet to meet our potential in getting Grimoire [material] into the game. The thing we have done, though, is address the desire for lore with the Ghost,” Smith said.

The developer itself had announced in its official website that the patch will update the game’s Strikes feature to include, among others, new and improved Bosses, Armor drops and exclusive weapons.

It has also been reported that The Taken King will also debut the much-awaited King’s Fall Raid, but a report by Game Rant said that the two will not debut simultaneously. Instead, the report related, Bungie will activate the King’s Fall raid one or two weeks after The Taken King.