Destiny Gear Manager: invitations to try beta version send to selected users


Some players have reportedly been invited by Bungie to preview a new feature to be included in their role-playing game, “Destiny.”

A Reddit user shared that an email from the developer inviting to participate in the beta version for the new Gear Manager reads, “You’ve been selected to participate in the beta period for our new Gear Manager feature! This is a new feature meant to ease the process of transferring your items across your characters and vault. Give it a try, and if you have any feedback, please send it our way!”

According to VG427, the gear manager seems like it is available to selected testers for the meantime but based on screen-grabbed photos, players may pick any item and transfer it to the vault of any character.

Equipped gear of the Guardians may also be profiled and filtered using their different types such as elemental which varies from damage type, kinetic, arc, solar and void; item type; and its rarity. Presumably to provide more convenience, they can also be searched using their names or perks which can be handy for some custom, Exotics-based builds.

Moreover, “Drag and Drop” ability enables multiple items to be transferred at once while a message at the corner of the screen gives the status of the allocation.

The new update is expected to be part of the improvements Bungie will make for the Year Two of their widely popular game. It is deemed to be a faster way of sorting through equipment without the use of third party applications like the companion Destiny Item Manager which allows for the players to manage their loot without launching the game.

Although it has not been made clear yet whether the new Gear Manager will be part of the game, fans will likely welcome new accessible ways to make their experience smoother and have a better user interface.